It is our aim at Blevwil to breed quality puppies  with sound temperaments, good construction and movement.  We endeavour to make sure that all puppies are well socialised while in our care. To this end we spend time with the puppies everyday and they have a range of toys and chews to play with.

They spend the first 8 weeks of life in our home where they get used to the washing machine, television, radio, other dogs and cats etc.  When they leave us they have experienced a wide range of everyday domestic life.  They are also introduced to the outside world were they begin their house training.

When it comes to finding homes for our puppies we try to match a puppies temperament with the family it is going to be with. There would be no point, for instance, homing a shy puppy with a noisy, busy family.

We always invite prospective owners to come and visit the Blevwil Kennel so that they can meet our dogs and we can get an idea of what the potential owners are like and how they and their children, if any, are with the dogs.



Sorry but we do not currently have any puppies available.

Our next litter (Bassets) is hopefully due mid of August